About us

Since its foundation in 2002 SRH Serbia works towards achieving a discrimination free, gender equal and pro-choice environment in which young people will be able to develop, prosper and make informed decisions regarding various aspects of life, including sexual and reproductive health. It also entails raising awareness on HIV/AIDS and embracing the differences. SRH Serbia is an Associate Member of International Planned Parenthood Federation – IPPF, a global leader in providing reproductive health and rights services and existing since 1952 and operating in 152 countries worldwide.
SRH Serbia aims to improve people’s quality of life by providing and campaigning for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) through advocacy and services, especially for poor and vulnerable people. SRH Serbia defends the right of all people to enjoy sexual lives free from ill health, unwanted pregnancy, violence and discrimination.
SRH Serbia is committed to gender equality, and to eliminating the stigma and discrimination which threatens individual well-being and leads to the widespread violation of health and human rights, particularly among women. SRH Serbia is committed to working in partnerships with communities, governments, other organizations and donors. SRH Serbia is represented in Country Coordinating Mechanism - CCM, on behalf of the CSO sector from Belgrade.

As an NGO, we were official state delegates at UNGASS in 2001, and respectively HLM (High Level Meeting) in 2006. In 2006, SHR Serbia was in charge of the Shadow Report on MDG (Millennium Development Goals) achievements prepared for the HLM.
Association is based in Belgrade but has national reach with offices in Niš and Bujanovac and a network of volunteers covering these cities and the city of Pirot, as well as agreements with sister NGOs that enable it to work in other big cities in Serbia (Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Zaječar...).
The Association has been running outreach and drop-in activities for LGBT population and outreach activities for Roma population living in settlements for the past six years, working through a team of trained and experienced professionals who manage the Drop-In Centre’s programme and outreach activities, including peer support, online and telephone assistance, as well as a network of volunteers from the populations covering the cities of Niš, Pirot and Bujanovac.

The Belgrade office has four persons on staff, one of whom will be the designated project coordinator, ensuring daily management of the activities, adherence to planned dynamics, reporting etc. Additionally, the Executive Director of the Association will be responsible for liaising with the members of the All Parties Parliamentary Groups and ensuring the link between the grassroots level activities and the national level advocacy thinking within the project. The SRH Serbia staff and volunteers in the field will be supporting the project as needed – in implementing focus group meetings and in-depth interviews in the designated cities, in distributing the IEC material throughout the target population etc.

Should you need any further inquiries, kindly contact me. We are at your disposal.

Best regards,
Dragana Stojanović
Executive director
SRH Serbia