• 19. oktobar 2016. | 17:58:21

The beginning of the project "Reversing the roles for changing the attitudes"



Serbian Association for Reproductive Health and Rights (SRH Serbia), with the International Planned Parenthood Federation  (IPPF) support, under Innovation Fund, announces the beginning of the project Reversing the roles for changing the attitudes. The project is a part of a SRH Serbia wider program for gender equality and gender issues, which are defined by the strategic plan SRH Serbia as priority areas.

The project, which will be implemented over the next three years, combines educational-theatrical method with the gender-transformative approach encouraging critical re/thinking of traditional gender roles and stereotypes, prevention and reduction of gender-based discrimination, with particular emphasis on awareness and responsibility for sexual and reproductive health, particularly among youth.

Performances will be played according to the scenario, written for this occasion, by playwright Olga Dimitrijevic, winner of numerous awards for her previous work, well-known to Serbian audience and broader.

The research is important part of the project, with the aim of measuring and elabotaring the impact of the program - quality and degree of the change achieved among youth. The research will be conducted by the project partner Research Center for Cultures, Politics and Identities (IPAK.Center).

The project will be implemented in 12 towns in Serbia, in ccoperation with local non-governmental organizations that work with young people in the field of human rights, gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and rights. In the production of theatrical performances will, in addition to professionals, participate volunteers/amateurs as well, throughout Serbia.


We invite all interested non-governmental organizattions from towns ascross Serbia who work with youth, as well as young volunteers, interested in participating in this project, to contact us at office@srh.rs.